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Live A Supernatural Lifestyle

I found this in an archive of Bible lessons from a dozen years ago. I liked it then; I love it now!

Dr. Norman Campbell
Jul 28, 2003

NORMality for Monday July 28th. 2003. Praise to The Lord, He is ADEQUATE; He is SUFFICIENT, He’s more than ENOUGH!
Here’s a story that appeared in an American newspaper. I saw the headline: MOTHER BATTLES TO SAVE SON FROM ALLIGATOR’S MOUTH.

A 12 year-old boy who was snorkeling in a river was bitten on the head by a 4-meter alligator, it took his head in its mouth. Seeing the emergency the boy’s mother dived into the river and grabbed her son from the alligator’s jaws in the struggle the boy received a broken leg, but she saved his life.

In times of emergency many people receive the ability to do the impossible and not give up.

For Christians I don’t believe that this kind of ability should be a one-time occurrence but a way of life.

Dr. Robert Anthony said, “Impossible situations are only problems for which we have no immediate solution. Problems are merely the difference between where you are and where you can be!”

Thank God we don’t have to face pulling our child out of an alligator’s mouth, and I trust you never have to do that but Jesus said, “With man it shall be impossible but with God all things are possible!”

One time it was a known fact that man could not fly, he did not have wings like a bird however in 1903 The Wright Brothers succeeded.

Today a modern Jumbo Jet is longer than the Wright Brother’s first flight.

At one time Electric lights, microwaves, televisions, telephones, space travel, mobile phones, computers and a host of other things were unheard and often thought to be impossible, but today we all have them and use them regularly.

If you are going to believe God for the impossible you need to live a supernatural life.

We hinder God’s working in our lives when we doubt or when we fear and of course you know fear is the force of faith working in reverse and against you.

But also, when we are satisfied with the mediocre [that’s the top of the bottom and the bottom of the top] we put the brakes on God’s ability to help us succeed.

God’s plan is for you to experience something better than you have ever experienced before.

As believers we are called to do impossible deeds, live supernatural lives, because the Word of His Power has joined our lives to The One who spoke the worlds into existence.

God has come to live BIG in you according to 1 John 4.4 “Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.”

He has come to live in us with all of His resurrection power.

Like the Apostle Paul we can claim in Phil. 4.13 “for I can do everything God asks me to with the help of Christ who gives me the strength and power.”

He also said in Ephesians 3.20 Living Bible Now glory be to God, who by his mighty power at work within us is able to do far more than we would ever dare to ask or even dream of—infinitely beyond our highest prayers, desires, thoughts, or hopes.

So don’t be satisfied with living the mediocre, normal life that everyone else lives you can break out and live BIG in Him if you refuse to give up.

Be like that woman in the American newspaper that made the headline. You can make your own headline in life. Start to live a supernatural lifestyle, by thinking supernatural thoughts, making supernatural plans, then pray for supernatural results and expect God to work supernaturally in your life so you can become a supernatural supporter of God’s work.

How about you today?

Have a super loving abundant overcoming week!

Dr. Norman Campbell
< Northern Faith Centre ABN B14916198 PO Box 1228 Bundoora Victoria 3083 Australia www.normancampbell.org You will find studies to download free on my web page.

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