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Patiently Enduring Unjust Suffering
Finds Favor With God

The notion that patiently enduring unjust suffering finds favor with God is totally against popular culture. But then again, so is most of what's in the Bible. That's reason enough to trust God. After all, the devil and his demons are in charge nearly everything going on in our world today. But when we know God we know the truth! Read the Full Article

The Meaning Of Life Is What?

The meaning of life is for each of us to discover that God created us, that He loves us, that He longs to have a relationship with each one of us, and that He wants us to be His ambassadors on earth. But we have a big stumbling block to overcome... Read More

What The Devil DOES NOT Want You To DO! Do You Know It?

The devil DOES NOT want you to read the Bible. But if you do read it, the devil does not want you to understand what you read. But if you do read and understand it, the devil does not want you to memorize so much as one verse. But if you do all that, what the devil REALLY DOES NOT WANT YOU TO DO IS.... Read More

If I Talk To God Will The Devil Know My Problems?

Someone asked, "If I talk to God, will the devil know my problems?" Actually the devil caused your problems, and is hoping you won't find out that God is... Read More

The Devil’s Dirtiest Trick Of All

The devil's dirtiest trick is not that he lies or makes you fearful or that he tempts you or that he accuses you before God. His dirtiest trick of all is... Read More

God Knows How Long I Will Live!
Therefore, I Will Not Fret About It

It's difficult for us to have an eternal perspective on our lives. But I've chosen to put my life into God's hands because God knows how long I will live. Life is a test! We either obey by faith, or walk away. He wants to see who will trust Him enough to obey Him, even when what He's asking seems...Read the Full Post

Free From My Fears

By the power of God's Word I live free from my fears! But I had to do my part. My part was to give up my right to be independent, and surrender my life to Jesus. Then, just as He promised, he helped me to become free from my fears. Read the Full Post

Make A Difference In The Lives Of Others. That’s What God Calls Us To Do

Is there any practical application for Bible verses that we memorize? Is it possible for my memorized Scripture to make a difference in someone else's life? Could memorized verses make a difference in someone's eternal destination? And did that happen in this particular incident? Read the Full Post

Resources For Learning To Apply Bible Wisdom Into Everyday Life

When it comes to "knowing the Bible", I am largely self-taught. Here are the the sources of my Bible knowledge. Here, in no particular order, is a list of some of the Bible teachers I listen to on the radio: David Jeremiah Turning Point For God James MacDonald Walk In The Word Chip Ingram Living Read More

Praise God! He Loves That

You Get The Power Of God
When You Speak The Word of God

When Jesus said, "He who hears you, hears Me", He affirmed that when we speak the Word, of God it's really Him speaking through our voices. Thus, as part of the body of Christ, your voice becomes His voice. This is how we defeat the devil! Read the Full Post

Memorizing Scripture Takes Perseverance! Hang In There And Here’s What Will Happen:

Scripture Memory - What To Expect. There is no way you can see or believe this ahead of time. You have to start by faith. If you do what I'm saying in this post, you will be astonished at the joy and delight you will eventually be experiencing. Read More...

Bible Memory – Keep The Momentum!

It's easier to KEEP doing Bible memory than it is to START doing it!!Just as an object in motion tends to stay in motion, in the same way doing Bible memory daily becomes easier once you have formed a habit of doing it..GET STARTED! And whatever you do, DO NOT let your feelings vote on whether or not your should do Bible memory. Your feelings -- your "flesh" -- will always vote NO!  Read the full article...

How To Memorize Bible Verses — Easily!

Memorize Bible Verses! Here's How There's a much easier way to get God's Word into your mind than the way they made you memorize things as a school kid. Here are practical, detailed instructions, materials you can download for free to jump-start your Scripture memory program. God wants you to know His Word, and He always gives you the means to do what He commands. Let me show you how easy it is. Read the Full Post

What The Devil Does NOT Want You To Know

Did you know this about the devil? He is causing your fears, panics, worries, nightmares, etc. BUT: he has a weakness that renders him powerless! His weakness is... Read the Full Post